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Member Testimonials

“Abraham Lincoln said “The strength of a nation lies in the homes of its people.”  and I believe that the strength of our nation’s homebuilding industry lies in those associations that promote responsible development and the policies that make housing a priority locally and nationally – associations like the Building Contractors Association of Southwestern Idaho, the Idaho Building Contractors Association, and the National Association of Home Builders.  The strength of these associations derives from the collective strengths and talents of their members and I believe it is my responsibility as a building industry professional to be a member and contribute what I can to this industry.  I view my membership not only as a responsibility but also as an investment – in myself, in my business, and in my industry.  Like any investment, I evaluate it based on the Return on Investment.  In return for my investment, I have been afforded opportunities to learn and grow personally and professionally and I have been rewarded with friendships locally, statewide, and nationally.”
Chuck Miller, Chuck Miller Consulting

“I believe that being a member of the BCASWI gives me the opportunity to be better educated on the issues that directly affect our business”
Dave Yorgason, Capital Development

“I am a member of the Building Contractors Association of Southwestern Idaho because it is actively taking responsibility to visibly support my profession in a positive manner and in turn ultimately provide an avenue to better my community and the lives of it’s citizens.”
Dennis Schaffner, Schaffner Signature Homes, LLC

“I am a member because I believe in giving back to an industry that has given me and my family so much for many years. I support the BCA both physically and financially because the building industry needs such an organization to maintain and police the integrity of the industry and all the different entities that exist within it.”
Bob Barnes, Western Heating and Air Conditioning

To interact with my peers and become a huge voice for our industry in our community and state.
Burt Smith, Burt Smith Custom Homes

I am a member of the Building Contractors Association is because it is the watchdog of our industry, saving our customers thousands of dollars from over regulation and taxation. Kent Mortensen, Mortensen Construction, Inc

Being a member of the BCASWI provides me the opportunity to network with both builders and associates. But even more importantly, I know my membership dollars are used to promote reasonable legislative and regulatory policy. This, in turn, helps to keep housing more affordable. The more people and families that can afford a home, the more homes will be built…and ultimately, that makes for a bigger and better market for everyone involved in our industry, builders and associates alike.
Eric Smith, Rental Property Solutions

I’m a member because it allows me to keep educated on the issues which effect my clients and I believe in giving back to an industry that supports my career.
Steve Weeks, Weeks Law PLLC

In the 14 years I’ve been a member of the National Association of Homebuilders’ local chapter (BCASWI), I have witnessed first hand the power of being united as a group with common interests. I continue to be impressed by the legislative and regulatory results that we have achieved and the information that is freely shared. United we stand.
Ted Mason, Ted Mason Signature Homes

I choose every year to renew my membership in the Building Contractors Association for several reasons, but the most important reason is that this association fights very hard to keep every one of us in business. There are several legislative issues that have come down the pipeline in the last several years that would have put the brakes on the residential building community. People do not realize that something like fire sprinklers, that have nothing to do with their trade, would have put them out of business because people could not afford a new home due to government enacted mandates.
Steve Martinez, Tradewinds General Contracting

Through the Building Contractors Association I have been able to enhance my business and enrich my life.
Pat Minegar, President, A-1 Heating and Air Conditioning

As builders and associates we must have an organization that we can unite behind for and on behalf of their industry. The BCASWI is that organization. I have personally witnessed, year after year, individuals giving of their time and talents to benefit the local building environment through participation in the BCASWI. These efforts have made a difference in the past, and they will make a difference in the future.
Jeffery D.Thompson, Thompson Homes, Inc.