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NAHB Announces Membership Recruitment Winners

NAHB recently announced the winners of its fall recruitment competition, which — for the first time — included Associate members.

Congratulations to the following NAHB members, each of whom recruited the most new members in their respective HBA size categories:

  • S. Robert August of North Star Synergies Inc.
  • Jason Carducci of JP Carducci Inc.
  • Anthony Chiarelli of Landmark Associates General Contracting Inc.
  • Kenneth Estes of Ester Building & Remodeling, LLC
  • Allen Patterson of Allen Patterson Builders
  • Lucinda Striker of Striker Group

The goal of the competition was simple: Recruit as many new members as possible. The execution of it was more nuanced, with members using various approaches to strengthening the Federation.

“You won’t win this competition if you’re not doing it for the right reasons,” said Carducci. “I feel so strongly about the camaraderie NAHB brings.”

“You don’t want your conversations to sound like sales pitches,” he added. “I tell people ‘I don’t want you to join if you can’t be involved. I don’t want dead spots. I want people who believe.’”

Striker noted the power of social media in persuading new members to join the association.

“Members want to see that you’re supporting their companies,” she said. “If one of our members is having an event or building a house that they’re proud of and they’re putting it on their social media, we’re going to share that to our organization’s page and tag their business to get more eyes on their logo, brands and products.”

For their efforts, all winners will be rewarded with a trip to the New York City area, which includes an opportunity to experience Signature Kitchen Suite’s all-new Skyline Showroom.

Learn more about the benefits of becoming a Spike Club member. For a complete list of the discounts available through the member savings program, visit

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