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Membership Committee

The Membership Committee… Is for any member who is interested in recruiting new members, retaining members and for those who would like to become a member of the prestigious Spike Club.

The Membership Committee meets monthly to discuss and implement membership goals, promotions and contests. This committee also reviews the new and renewal memberships for recommendation to the Board of Directors for approval. Meetings take place at the BCA office.

Spike Club

A Spike is a member who works to recruit new members, gets members involved and retains members. Being a Spike has its rewards…

To achieve Spike status, you must earn six credits within two consecutive NAHB membership years (November 1-October 31). You receive one Spike credit for each new member you recruit and an additional credit for that new member’s renewal on or before their anniversary date. You receive 1/2 Spike credit for renewals beyond the first anniversary date.

To hold onto your Spike status and become a Life Spike, you must earn at least two credits each NAHB membership year until you reach a total of 25 credits.

Spikes are recognized at the BCA evening General Membership Meetings. If a spike has reached a new level they are rewarded at these meetings. The Spike Club meets once a month at a designated location to plan their annual golf tournament and fundraising events.

The “Do Business with a Member” campaign promotes strengthening the business relationships between builder and associate members on the local, state, and national levels.



Committee Chair: Jennifer Hickey –