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How to Maximize Profits Using Digital Media

Digital media is more important than ever in the home buying industry. And creating a website that uniquely stands out from the crowd is a difficult but necessary task.

“Today’s home buyer journey includes more digital engagement than ever before,” said Greg Bray, owner of Blue Tangerine. “Your website is the hub of that interaction. It provides a first impression to new prospective buyers and is the key research and sales tool for those who are further along in their buying process.”

Diving deeper into the subject, Bray will lead an online course called “Website Best Practices for Maximum Lead Generation” on Nov. 28.

The course will explain the whys and hows of key topics such as search engine optimization, paid search, geofencing, social media activities, and utilizing third-party listing website to guide participant in effectively deciding how to allocate their marketing resources.

Sculpting the perfect website is only one piece of the puzzle, though.

For a broader view on building a stronger online presence, Carol Morgan, president of Denim Marketing and publisher at Atlanta Real Estate Forum, will instruct a course called “How to Craft a Winning Digital Marketing Strategy” on Nov. 30.

“This course is designed specifically to help home builders understand the basics of marketing, show ways to differentiate a home building or remodeling company from a crowded digital space and ultimately how to engage prospects to turn them into leads,” Morgan said.

Registration for both courses is open now.

Each course qualifies for three continuing education hours with NAHB.

Website Best Practices for Maximum Lead Generation
Tuesday, Nov. 28 | 1-4 p.m. ET

How to Craft a Winning Digital Marketing Strategy
Thursday, Nov. 30 | 1-4 p.m. ET

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